a short movie about an endless story

The Film


What is it? 

It’s a short documentary entirely filmed in Sicily. The main character is the landscape of the island, shaped by the peculiar geological dynamics over the ages.

How it works? 

The keyword of the movie is “trip”.

Looking at the surrounding with the eye of a stranger,in new territories free from exploration.

Music becomes the guideline for a visual travel through the dimension of geological time.

Think about rocks as frames of the ages, then realize how much are important for the understanding of past, present and future events.


L.E.E. Project chapter #01


Why Sicily? 

The largest island of Mediterranean sea is like a small continent: it offers mountain chains, valleys and rivers, colorful hills, beautiful seas, active volcanoes and overall, Sicily is home.

The locations are some of the natural beauties spread all over the regional territory, like Etna, Madonie mountains, the Egadi archipelago and Alcantara and Tiberio river.

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The natural world filmed with new
technologies developed in cinematography and sound engineering, merging together Arts and Science.

Science is a filter for the understanding of reality. It’s an extremely powerful cognitive tool: with its support, we’ve been capable of such things as building cities, travel out of Earth’s atmosphere and link people from all over the world with just a click.

with technologic improvements, it has been enhanced our impact on the environment.

As the species with the strongest influence over the planet, we carry on an important responsibility: The safeguard and conservation of nature and of the living being who inhabit Earth, us included.

Our goal is to share with people fundamental knowledge of environmental and life science by the realization of audiovisual products, with new methods of communication.

The ongoing project consists of a series of three documentaries entirely filmed in Sicily: Passing through the principles of science, from basilar concepts of physics and chemistry, the first content of the series mainly concerns Earth dynamics and the concept of time. This chaotic primordial world will be the foundation for the second chapter, that will introduce life in all its aspects, explaining the meaning of evolution and Phylogenesis theories, approaching the extraordinary complexity of Biogeography and Ecology.

Last of all, the third product is the tale of human history, since the first prints found in prehistoric caves, to the highly impactful buildings and activities spread across the island, trying to explain the changes in need, habits and consciousness of nature our species experienced across the epochs.

Next Mission


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