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Art Director & Video Producer

Class 92 ', born in the golden years of hip hop in Sicily, where the news always comes later, but with an evident impact: the first ones on the wall designs, the break dance and the rhymes under the arcades, I felt from an early age that something was changing around me.

Graffiti was the key to my childhood; A culture that touches the limits of legality often leads to social marginalization, but at the same time gives life to a strong bond between the few writers hidden in the crowd: traveling, exchanging cultures, lifestyles and methods of arrangement, were the basis of same mentality.

from there arose the need to photograph, in fact there was no trip without a camera and you did not return home without having immortalized the only memory of that drawing before it was canceled.

One step in my learning process was applying long exposure photography to our nocturnal actions.

In 2012, I began my secondary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome In editorial graphics, developing the general basis of the visual arts. among the various ambitious ones, the most effective was the audiovisual.

Growing up and my attentions quickly passed from photography to video, from graffiti to freestyle sports, and from hip-hop to electronic music (one of the topics covered in my degree thesis (see pdf), at the end of my academic career, March 2016 ).

Subsequently, in 2018, I obtained the first level master's degree in "video editing / digital audio", at Sapienza, and I became officers in the world of work collaborating with the production company "Image Hunters" creating reports and aftermovies of short film festivals. and musical events with internationally renowned DJs.

In 2019, I decide to move from the world of clubbing in Rome, to move to Sicily, where the production of our first work is currently underway, a series of documentaries with a strong musical component.

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