Art Director & Video Producer

Born in 92’, during the golden age of Sicilian

Hip-Hop, where its influence had been impactful: first letters on the walls, break-dance on the street, everything with a new sound, it felt like something was changing around me.

At 14, I continue my studies in Rome, with the insatiable desire to discover new music and the continuous stylistic research in my letters, the most solid principles of my adolescence.

Graffiti’s culture, which often touches the limits of legality, led to a strong social marginalization, but at the same time created an intense connection between the few hidden writers to the mass: traveling, cultural exchanges, lifestyles and arrangement methods,

were basis of the same mentality,

the one of The Street;

Here’s where born the complicity and brotherhood that lies behind my crew, which I find today as my video production team; and also here started that my need to photograph, in fact there was no trip without a camera and any home return without having immortalized the only memory of that paint before it was canceled.

A key phase in my learning process was to apply

long exposure photography to our night actions.

The result of our work has always been dictated by the need to have that memory, never for fashion,

never for money.

In 2012, after finishing high school, i began my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome: In publishing graphics, developing the general bases

in the field of visual arts.

During those years, among the various fields, the audiovisual was more effective. My tastes, my attentions passed from photography to video, from graffiti to freestyle sports, from hip-hop to electronics: the last  became a real key to writing screenplays. This is the topic in my degree thesis (see pdf) a conclusion of the academic course, March 2016.

Afterwards, in 2018, i achieved the master's degree

in "Video editing/Digital audio" at La Sapienza, and officially joined the world by collaborating with the production company "Image Hunters".

During that experience we made reports and aftermovies  of short film festivals and musical events with internationally renowned DJs.

In 2019, I decided to move from the world of clubs in Rome and the chaos of the city, to return to Sicily, with my production team we focus on

environmental-themed documentaries

with a strong musical component.