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Naturalist & Photographer 

Born in Palermo in ’94, since kid I’ve been always fascinated by wildlife living around me: the variety of color and sound, the infinite combination of growth forms and movements. In childhood my favorite game was  pretending to be like the animals who use to wander in the country yard, so being capable of communicate with them.
When I discovered my grand father’s library about natural sciences, the child game turned in the love for these books full of secrets and images I couldn’t get just by myself. With time, enjoying to get names for something never seen before, the outdoor excursions became important field lessons worthy to be documented.
During 2015, contemporary with the academic studies, a photographic trip in Iceland changed my mind about geology: from the books, I couldn’t imagine the true dynamism of Earth
phenomena, here manifested before my very eyes.
After this experience, i approached studies in botany and geology, being captivated from landscape’s history and its relationship with biological community who inhabit it.
The following summer i sail for a oceanographic expedition of paleo climate data sampling around  mediterranean sea, learning to co-work inside a scientific international equipe.
From that time until today, meanwhile my researches centered on floristic and plant ecology studies, i discovered the rec function on my reflex.

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